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La que se avecina


Luis Miguel Segui is especially popular thanks to his work on “La que se avecina”, one of the most successful TV series in recent years.

Luis Miguel Segui has been playing the role of Leo in every season since the start of the series in 2006.

The role



In “La que se avecina”, Luis Miguel Segui plays Leonardo, better known as “Leo”, a neighbor of the “luxury” residential complex “Mirador de Montepinar”, and nemesis of Amador (Pablo Chiapella). Single, clerk by profession, is a sociable guy, but with a tendency to be a pain.


In the beginning, Leo was vice president and manager of the community, but did not last long in office. Among his many adventures in the series, he has maintained torrid love affairs with several neighboring: Cristina (Malena Alterio), Nines (Cristina Medina) and Estela Reynolds (Antonia San Juan). Despite frequent fights, Amador is his best friend, and together they often get into all sorts of trouble.

Best scenes


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